The Main Street Corridor


The Salvation Army: Main St. Columbus, OH

Set it Off Barber

Prime Equipment Group

Marconta Africa House

Main Street Business Association

BigHill Real Estate: Guide to Selling Your Home

BigHill Real Estate: Guide to Buying Your Home

First English Lutheran Church

Transit Arts Center

CapTV Season 10

CapTV - Halloween Show - Fall 2017

CapTV - Music Show - Fall 2017

CapTV - The Bachelorette - Fall 2017

CapTV - Food Show - Fall 2017

CapTV Intro - Fall 2017

CapTV - Back to School - Fall 2017

48 Hour Film Royale 2017

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RFP and Friends Description: 48 Royale 2017


Kids That Draw In Class Description: 48 Royale 2017

The Silent Symphony

The Stragglers Description: 48 Royale 2017


The Washed Up Impressionists Description: 48 Royale 2017

Sunrise Challenge

Sponsored By Jimmy Dean's Breakfast Sandwiches Description: 48 Royale 2017


Omnivision Description: 48 Royale 2017


Mjolnir Productions Description: 48 Royale 2017

Master of Nun [Second Place]

Wubba Lubba Dub Dub Description: 48 Royale 2017

Lunch Break

KCER Productions Description: 48 Royale 2017

Low Blow [Audience Choice]

Kaleidoscope Creative Description: 48 Royale 2017
CapTV Season 9

CapTV - Keyword Catchphrase - Spring 2017

CapTV - Music Show - Spring 2017

CapTV - Valentine's Day - Spring 2017

CapTV - Movie Show - Spring 2017

CapTV - Welcome to the CVMC - Spring 2017

Creative Arts Camps 2017

The Call, Editor: Jackson - Audience Choice Award

The Call, Editor: Kris

The Call, Editor: Kevin

Reality 255, Editor: Gavin

Reality 255, Editor: Ethan, Audience Choice Award

Reality 255, Editor: Colson

Reality 255, Editor: Atticus

Katerina, Editor: Kevin

Katerina, Editor: Kathleen

Katerina, Editor: Jordan


#CAPZOM - Zombies Take Over Capital

You Get Me


The Pillar

The Big Sleep




The Morning After

Dumb & Dumber

Making A Scene

Lift Off

Zach Hoover & Ryno Tan


Wes Murray


Ricky Bayness

The Editor

Ryno Tan

A Story of Lifelong Love told in Sixty Seconds

Alex David Caperton

Up to Bat


Life's a Lemon

Purple Lollipop Bandits


Trash Stache Collective


Ohio Homeland Security - 8 Signs of Terrorism




Weapons Collection

Testing Security

Recruiting and Financing

Eliciting Information

Materials Acquisition

Acquisition of Expertise

48 Hour Film Royale 2016

The Opener

AARP and Mitch

Extra Cheese

The Albatross

The Shadow in the Room [Underclassman Award]

Twigaboo Productions

The Search

Real Fantasy Pictures

The Case of the Purple Lollipop Bandit [First Place]

The Purple Lollipop Bandits

Nice Shirt

Team Beaglechief

Speechless [Audience Choice]

ASAP Productions

{Untitled} [Second Place]

Silent Blue Productions


Fake Hats Productions

Holy Sheet

CapTV Season 8

CapTV - Keyword Catchphrase - Spring 2017

CapTV - Music Show - Spring 2017

CapTV - Valentine's Day - Spring 2017

CapTV - 90s Show - Fall 2016

CapTV - Live Music Show - Fall 2016

CapTV - Digital Show - Fall 2016

CapTV - Political Show - Fall 2016

CapTV - Halloween Show - Fall 2016

CapTV - The Blake and Nate Show - Fall 2016

CapTV - Dating Show - Fall 2016

NATAS Awards (Ohio Valley)

Buzzing in the Garage - NATAS 2017 Winner, Audio/Sound

The Moth, Honorable Mention for Audio/Sound, NATAS 2016

The Glass Half, Honorable Mention for Short Form Fiction, NATAS 2016

Jane, Student Production Award for Music Video, NATAS 2016

Creative Arts Camps 2016

Day Shift, Editor: Caleb

Coffee Stains, Editor: Kevin

Coffee Stains, Editor: Callum

Day Shift, Editor: Jake

Day Shift, Editor: Jackson -- Audience Choice Award

Day Shift, Editor: Eli

Day Shift, Editor: Adam

Coffee Stains, Editor: James

Coffee Stains, Editor: Alex -- Audience Choice Award

Something More Than Strangers, Editor: Sydney

JIFF 2016

Exploration of Fruit

Zombies, Run

My Skin Care Ritual

What I Do When I'm Sick



The High Life - Audience Award

Scott is Not Playing

The Driver